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Aviation Smoke Oil

Aero Graphix is now an Authorized Dealer for Super Dri Smoke Oil

Super*DriŽ Aviation Smoke Oil is the World Class smoke oil for your aircraft! Whether R/C or full scale, our product is best.

Super*DriŽ Aviation Smoke Oil is a superior, professional smoke fluid which provides intense smoke and high persistence. Crystal clear and non-volatile, it is easy to handle and will not attack foam. With these characteristics, electric pumps may be used for easy filling and emptying of on-board tanks.

Feedback from many full-scale pilots indicates that the traditional corvus, canopus and other form oils leave a huge mess on their birds. MDW’s Super*DriŽ Aviation Smoke Oil Full Scale Formula gets rid of that mess.

Available in 1 gallon jug, 4-gallon cases, 5-gallon pails and 55-gallon drums, Super*DriŽ Aviation Smoke Oil is for you!

Description Size Price
Super*DriŽ Aviation Smoke Oil 1-Gallon Jug $21.95 + Shipping
Super*DriŽ Aviation Smoke Oil 4-Gallon Case $87.95 + Shipping
Super*DriŽ Aviation Smoke Oil 5-Gallon Pail $99.95 + Shipping
Super*DriŽ Aviation Smoke Oil 55-Gallon Drum $815.95 + Freight (Must ship via road freight)
    Please call to order


You might also try adding one of our 15 flavors of Fuel Fragrances to your smoke oil. For a very unique smell try one today.


Must Order all 55 Gallon drums by phone

For (4 or more 55 gallon Drum) pricing call 573-368-3600


Ask the pros what they use to make sure their freestyle doesn't STINK!

Blaine Austin's 50% Edge 540 with Super Dri smoke oil.

It's hard to tell Blaine's 50% Edge isn't the real thing by how much smoke it's putting out.


Hey Bryan,
 The Super Dri smoke oil is by far the best I've used. There is a very noticeable difference between it and the other brands out there. I really like the fact that I can turn down the volume of smoke oil I'm pumping into the mufflers and still get great smoke. With Super Dri I don't have the mess to clean up off the plane anymore like I did with other brands. You can tell by the two pictures I have attached, that I'm putting out mega smoke.










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