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"The Sahara Regulator"


About the Sahara Regulator

The all new Sahara Regulator by Fromeco is one of the highest rated Linear regulators in the RC market. Specifically designed to operate at High Delta V, pass high currents, and dissipate more heat than any of our competitors. The Sahara is capable of 9amps of continuous current. The new Sahara, is as light as the old retired "the Regulator" that used to be offered by Fromeco. Weighing in at 1.4oz's with 9"Deans and 2 JR out puts, and about 1.1oz with the "standard" JR in and out.  The new increased current capacity that the Sahara can handle makes it an excellent choice for the new power hungry servos in todays market.   

Fromeco Regulators are FULLY ADJUSTABLE, voltage is adjustable from 4.9VDC to 6.2VDC 

Building off one of Fromeco's best, and most used Regulators in the market, the "Arizona" regulator line for helicopters.   The Sahara is a vetted design, utilizing traces that are 3/32" wide. Combine those details with 16awg wire, Deans Connectors or Anderson Power Poles, **3 out put leads, and a massive heat sink, as standard equipment and you have a regulator like few others in the market.

As always Fromeco's heat sinks are custom designs of our own that are custom CNC milled out of billet Aluminum.  The new Sahara heat sink is terribly efficient, allowing for maximum cooling in all weather conditions world wide, and excels in places like Tucson! 

Fromeco believes very strongly that our Equipment be rated no higher than it's weakest omponent. In the case of The Regulator this would be the "Hobby Type" connectors we all have to use to interface with our RX's.These connectors are only Rated @3amps per connector. Because of this Fromeco offers options on the input and out put of our Regulators.

Sahara Regulator Deans in/out $54.00 + Shipping
Sahara Regulator JR/Futaba in JR/Futaba out $45.00 + Shipping



"The Super Sahara Regulator"

About the Super Sahara Regulator
The all new Super Sahara Regulator by Fromeco is one of the highest rated Linear regulators in the RC market. Specifically designed to operate at High Delta V, pass high currents, and dissipate more heat than any of our competitors. The Super Sahara is capable of 25amps of continuous current. The Super Sahara is a perfect match for a fully 8711, or 5955 outfitted 35% to 40%.   Weighing in at 2.2oz's with 9"Deans and 2 JR out puts. 

Super Sahara Regulator Deans in/out $69.00 + Shipping
Super Sahara Regulator Deans in EC3 out $69.00 + Shipping


How to hook up your regulator



The Arizona Heli Regulator

The Arizona Heli Regulator is specifically designed with RC helicopters in mind. It can handle very high currents, in very demanding environments. It has two separate voltage outputs: 5V for the gyro, and an adjustable 5 to 6.00V for the receiver…allowing better responsiveness for the digital servos not associated with the gyro system. It also can act as a solid state switch, eliminating a mechanical switch in the power path. The solid state switching uses a 'pin and flag' system, so there are no moving parts in flight.
Pinflag system is pictured at the top of this page.

Arizona Regulator

 Input VDC Output VDC Amperage Dimensions Weight Price
0 to 10 5.0 to 6.0 0 to 17.8 W 430mm X H 230mm X L 860mm 50 grams $75.00 + Shipping
0 to 10 5.0 to 6.0 0 to 17.8 with Pin Flag Option 50 grams $82.50 + Shipping





Arizona Regulators have five leads total, an Input "Blue", a Charge Lead "Black", a Switch Lead* "Neon Yellow", a Gyro Lead "Green For Gyro", a Rudder Lead "Red for Rudder". Of Course Fromeco knows there is no "Gyro Lead" and no "Rudder Lead". Green is Gain, and Red is for the Tail Rotor Servo. We just call them that to make things easy to remember.

*The Pin Flag switch has a matching Neon Yellow Female jack. A normal "Off the Shelf" type switch will not work in place of our Pin Flag switch unless certain modifications are made.











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