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AeroGraphix is a Proud Dealer for Fromeco Batteries and Accessories


Fromeco uses LG Chemical Brand Batteries exclusively for our Relion Line of Battery Packs.

Fromeco Batteries are 7.4 VDC Nominal and 8.4 VDC Peak. When making charging considerations, the 7.4 VDC nominal ration is most likely how your charger will indicate a 2 Cell pack. Fromeco offers both a 2600mah 2 cell pack and a 5200mah 4 cell pack. The 2600mah configuration is called 2S1P or 2 series 1 parallel and the 5200mah configuration is called 2S2P or 2 series 2 parallel. Since both packs are a 2S or 2 series, both packs are 7.4 VDC.

Charging Considerations
Fromeco Batteries are fully charged when they reach a VDC of 8.4 VDC. Fromeco does not CONDONE and will not warranty Relion Packs that have been purposefully charged over 8.4 VDC to obtain a higher capacity. Some retailers do condone this with their batteries which are made up of the same LG Chemical cells as Fromeco. They do not fully understand the damage they are causing the cells in doing this. When choosing a charger please ensure it is reated for Lithium Ion or Polymer use and can charge 2 cells in series or 7.4 VDC.

Fromeco recommends against the use of the Duralite Chargers. These chargers have repeatedly show to do harm to batteries that are not equipped with the safety charging circuits.

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