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50cc Pitts Python ARF - Quick Build

Aeroworks ARF - Quick Build 50cc Pitts Python $729.95 + Shipping
Shipping: $89.95
Aeroworks is proud to add too their line of QUICK BUILD Series Aircraft
Designed with the customer in mind to provide the highest quality, light weight construction and fastest build time possible.
Aeroworks has Raised the Bar. The QB Series is top quality in both design and performance that has set a new standard for ARF aircraft
With the 50cc Pitts Python QB’s unbeatable stability and precision flight characteristics it is certain to please both the beginner as well as the advanced competitor
Designed for both precision and 3D style flying this plane is sure to out perform all other aircraft in its class.
The Pitts Python was designed from the ground up to be a top performing aircraft. Generous control surfaces and an awesome power to weight ratio make this a plane you'll want to fly every visit to the field!




Top Wing span 70 inches.
Bottom Wing Span 68 inches
Wing Area 1725 sq. in.
Fuselage Length 68.5" (Rudder to front of cowling)
Fuselage length 72" ( Rudder to front of spinner)
Weight 17 to 18 lbs
Engine 50cc Gas
Radio 8 Channels minimum


Strong Light Weight Construction
Complete and Detailed Instruction Manual on CD
High Resolution Picture folders provide maximum detail
Painted and Pre mounted 7075 Aluminum Landing gear
Pre mounted Tail Wheel Assembly
Complete US Standard Hardware Package Included
One piece removable wings for easy field set up
Professionally covered in ULTRACOTE™
Additional UTRACOTE™ supplied for small patches and repairs
Clear Covering provided for sealing hinge gaps
Pre-Hinged Ailerons from factory (Ready to Fly) No gluing!
Pre Drilled Hinge slots from Factory for Elevator and Rudder
One Servo per Wing Panel
One Servo per Elevator Half
Pull-Pull Rudder Linkage Hardware
Large control surfaces double beveled for maximum throw
Pre Mounted Fiberglass Cowl and Wheel Pants
Custom Radial Engine Baffling
Pre Mounted and Tinted Canopy
Pre installed and fuel proofed engine box
Laser marked engine mounting templates
Pre-Made Tail Flying Wires Just bolt in place
Custom Throw Meter and Rudder Deflection Gage
Custom Vinyl Decal Set (Python Decal Set Sold Seperatly)

10 to 12 Hours assembly Time










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